Phemke is an effortlessly stylish range of ethically designed resort wear created from natural and sustainable materials.

Travelling with Phemke in your bag, you will feel comfortable, free and inspired to create memories, wherever your story takes you.

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"Founded in 2016 by Femke Speelman, Phemke is resort wear with a conscious. "
How to shop more sustainably
Good magazine - feature - August 04, 2017
"“I make sure each product has a unique story to tell.”"
Founder of Phemke Shares a Tale of Bliss, Her Passion for Traveling and What Makes the Brand Unique
""Empowering women throughout the world, happy customers and being there for my girls, that’s what keeps me going every single day." Meet this month's Hopscotch Hero, Femke Speelman."
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"I loved wearing my Phemke Goddess dress. I've found it to be one of the easiest things to wear in Maldives for the day and add on a little accessory to it and it's perfect for the night out on the island. "
Michelle Karam @TravelJunkieDiary
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"Phemke is stylish, authentic, unique and there is a beautiful story behind each item. For me all their products are a synonym of comfort and ultimate leisure. I love to support the brands that do good to the world and Phemke is definitely one of them. "
Tjasha - Blogger and Lifestyle Content Creator - Dubai @tjasha
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"Minimalism meets sustainability in Dubai! It's not easy to find a brand that understands aesthetics and combines it with sustainable fashion. I love Phemke and I dare to say that it's one of the best fashion discoveries I made while living in the UAE."
Annie - Blogger - Miami/Dubai @unlavish
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